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Blog entries with tag name Royal Bengal Tiger

Tigers mating in Kanha Tiger Reserve

By Tamanud Mitra Date: 27 May 2017

The first tour to Kanha proved to be a grand success for team GoingWild. The land of hard ground Barasinghas, truly, bestowed its blessings on…

Bandhavgarh - A look back to the 2015-16 season for Team GoingWild!

By Tamanud Mitra Date: 26 Jun 2016

All that can be said about the 2015-16 season at Bandhavgarh was nothing less than fruitful for Team GoingWild. The Numbers: 59 safaris this season…

Epic tiger sighting at Sundarban

By Soumyajit Nandy Date: 15 Jan 2016

It's not an everyday affair in Sundarban that one get to see a tiger for 4 and half hours. But when you have the blessings…